Recognition, Accreditation and Charter Council (RACC) is a not-for-profit organization, providing support services in the assessment and validation of status of persons, facilities and organizations in the area of quality service delivery by the application of globally recognized, accepted industry best practices and professional standards.

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Delivery of industry, sector, firm, individual, pioneering assessment criteria and standards for high level performances and leadership definition are composites of our objectives.


To set the definitive and enforceable regulatory standards for professional persons and organization in quality products and services delivery, for global best practices.


RACC provides quality standard assurance through uncompromising set of principles, objectives and criteria in all ramifications. With professionalism, we evaluate individuals, corporate organizations, public and private establishments, process and approve these individuals, training institutions, programs, facilities, curricula and systems for global services delivery.



RACC has the authority to acknowledge the competence, existence, validity or legality of individuals, businesses, academic institutions, public and private establishments, facilities, etc. At this stage, on proper verification and evaluation of all submitted documents and proofs of eligibility, RACC


This Stage 2 is a quality assurance process that leads to the award of the Accreditation Status Certification (ASC) of our internationally recognized organization.  If all requisite standards are met, the accreditation level is attained and appropriately documented for the records by the authorities


Charter status, generally, is considered the ultimate qualification in a particular profession or discipline. Here, it should not be confused with the senior membership grade of fellowship in many professional institutes and learned societies, which is usually a measure of achievement and/or